I have a special interest in all kinds of glass and stoneware bottles

 People collect glass and stoneware bottles for many different reasons. This can range from passionate collectors who have a quest for rare historical bottles, to people who want to display bottles and jars as decore in period homes. There are also families who collect embossed  bottles linked to their own family history.  What ever the reasons are, the world of collecting antique bottles is one of fascination and is of immense historical interest. 

If you have an item of interest that you would like to know more about or a collection you may want to have appraised then you may want to contact me. I know collectors who are always searching for items to add to their collections.

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My interest in the history of bottles

I have an interest in all kinds of bottles and can can help with bottle identification. I have a real passion for the history of glass bottles and stoneware.


Bottle Collecting in Australia

I first became aware of the interest in bottle collecting back  in the late 1960's when I was attending primary school. I lived in country Central Queensland and a relative told me to look out for blue castor oil bottles. Back then they were highly sort after especially by collectors in Sydney. I hunted through the scrub for any old discarded bottles and when I found some I became an instant collector. Everyone has  their own unique story as to how  their interest into collecting began.  It is also exciting for family members to  find an antique bottle manufactured by their ancestors or embossed with the family name. 

Over the decades the hobby of bottle collecting continued to grow into what can now be described as a very vibrant hobby in 2016. Over the last 10 years bottle collecting has gone through an amazing transformation. There are now auction houses dedicated to the selling of antique bottles and Ebay has certainly added another dimension as well.

However the most important  aspect of the hobby which makes it so great are the many bottle clubs around Australia. These clubs bring like minded people together at club meetings to share experiences and  information. Many of these clubs also hold bottle shows at least once a year. To attend one of these shows is both an enjoyable and an educational experience.